FELCO 801-HP Electro portable pruning shears | FELCOtronic Fast-cutting and light model without PowerPack

These light, easy to handle and fast cutting pruning shears are recommended for all intensive pruning work. The new tool geometry guarantees easy access to branches that require cutting. The cutting head ensures a clean and precise cut with diameters of up to 30 mm (1.2 in).

Controlled and powered by its Powerpack the FELCO 880, the FELCO 801 set has been developed as a result of carefully studied ergonomics, providing relief to arm and shoulder muscles, throughout the entire day spent pruning.

The tool body allows you to change and use a variety of head types (800F, 800M).

FELCO 801 pruning shear without electroportable set.

A  FELCO 880 Power-pack is required in order to use this tool.


Parts for Item No. 801-HP

FELCO 801-HP FELCOtronic Electronic Fast-Cutting Light Model without Power Pack (Right)
    • Part
    • No.
    • Description
    • Composition
    • FELCO 801-1 Blade
    • 801-1
    • Blade
    • $37.49
    • FELCO 800-2 Anvil-Blade
    • 800-2
    • Anvil-blade
    • $31.65