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Amberg’s is pleased to bring you a comprehensive selection of the finest gardening and agricultural tools and supplies available at the most reasonable prices. Our products also include Ghent Tree-Fix Tab Bands.

Best of all we can repair/service Felco Products. Simply follow the Amberg’s Repair link located on every page. Once there click on the page link or the Repair form button, fill out the form, print it out, and send it along with your shears.

For questions or comments please contact us. Enjoy your gardening in 2017!

  • Call us: The FELCO 811

    A complete electro-portable cutting solution!
    Check out Models 820 – 801

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  • NEW 630 & 640 Curved Hand Saws

    630 & 640 Curved Hand Saws

    • Available in  13 inch or 10.6 inch blade
    • Comes with holster and holster Strap
  • Ghent Tree-fix Tab bands

    A revolutionary rubber band, made of a special synthetic rubber, which makes it sun resistant for at least 10 years!

    There is a size available for every use.
    More than 7 different sizes, up to 30 cm.

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    Changing Handles

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    Changing Blade

Featured Product

New FELCO 910+ Holster

The FELCO 910+ is a genuine leather shear holster that also allows for the carry of a FELCO 903 or 902 sharpening stone on the hip. It is also compatible with the various horticultural and pocket knifes we offer.