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Amberg’s is pleased to announce a new product line.   MESTO Sprayers will be added to our high quality products line.

MESTO sprayers are still being developed and produced in the greater Stuttgart area – more precisely, in Freiberg am Neckar. High-quality materials, the best possible processing at one location in combination with continuous optimization of all processes guarantee the excellent performance and long service life of MESTO sprayers.

MESTO is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and all devices are GS-certified by TÜV and InterTek.


Amberg’s is pleased to bring you a comprehensive selection of the finest gardening and agricultural tools and supplies available at the most reasonable prices. Our products also include Ghent Tree-Fix Tab Bands.

Best of all we can repair/service Felco Products. Simply follow the Amberg’s Repair link located on every page. Once there click on the page link or the Repair form button, fill out the form, print it out, and send it along with your shears.

For questions or comments please contact us. Enjoy the growing season!


  • FELCO 320

     The FELCO 320 features a 154 mm nickel-plated steel blade, which is curved to make it easier to cut stalks without damaging the fruit as the blade angles away from the fruit.


  • FELCO 321

    FELCO 321

    With straight 177 mm long chromed steel blades

  • FELCO 322

    FELCO 322

    specialized picking and trimming snips for easy and comfortable harvesting and trimming of fruit, flowers and vegetables.

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Featured Product


Honing, sharpening and adjusting tool

Three functions in a single tool:

A – Keeps a perfect cutting edge on the blade

B – Sharpens the blade optimally

C – Makes it easier to adjust and take care of the tool

  • Suitable for right-handed bypass pruning shears and loppers
  • Easy use by professionals and demanding enthusiasts alike