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  1. How do I fix a tight/loose thumb lock on my FELCO tool?

    When fixing the FELCO tools locking mechanism it is important to not over tighten. Under the lock is a small washer that keeps pressure against the lock. If this is over tighten it can degrade this washer, creating a loose locking mechanism. It is best to loosen the locking segment first and then tightening it to the desired resistance. If you have already damaged the washer you can purchase a replacement kit.

  2. How do I clean my tools?

    It is best to clean your tool after each use. FELCO 980 spray is a great tool cleaner and prevents rust on the tool. You can also use light oil on your tool to clean it. Just apply some on the blade and anvil and then rub with a cloth or some abrasive material if you have some buildup. Below is the FELCO video on tool cleaning.

  3. How do I oil my tools?

    After cleaning, it is advisable to oil the tool so as to protect it from corrosion. The oil will also unjam the tool.

  4. How do I sharpen my tools?

    It is advisable to sharpen your tool at least once a day, but if you feel that your tool is not cutting as well as usual, sharpen it right away!

  5. How do I maintain my FELCO tool?

    How to maintain your FELCO tool

    2021-03-09 FELCO Maintenance Instructions EN